Лого Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE

Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE

25 марта 2015 | DROIDOFF


Sheep War (WarSheep) - ONLINE - онлайн стратегия на Android, в которой вы должны уничтожить армию противника.

The SheepMageddon is upon us!

Ever played the WORMS WARS series? or ICQ's old games ? “Sheep War Online” follows a similar idea, that of destroying your opponent in fun ways from bazooka blow-outs to aerial bombardment.

In our warsheep game you control an army of sheeps with the main purpose of destroying your opponent’s forces. It is a turn-based game that can be played either solo (against the PC) or online against other worldwide sheep armies. Fun is guaranteed!


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Here’s what makes “Sheep War Online” a great game:
- Multiple units. The game has 4 types of units, each of them has different armor, speed, power and gun. Now’s your chance to see the damage a sheep with a bazooka can do.
- Different play modes. You can play the game online versus other real players, solo against the AI or pass to player where 2 users take turns and play on the same device.
- Fun animations. From the funny sounds to the looks of the main characters (yes, all sheep) everything is created with fun in mind. Blow-up a sheep and you’ll see it grow angel wings and fly away to Animal-Heaven.
- Easy gameplay. When your turn comes just use the in-game joystick to move your unit close to the enemy and hit the fire button, before the counter hits 0. You can also pick-up health packs to recover a damaged unit.

SheepWar is a perfect fit for those that want to play a fun game against their friends.
The game is available for free and is only 15MB, so don't hesitate and join the battle now.

Good luck soldier!

Android 2.2 и выше

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