Лого Small Marbles (Peloticas)

Small Marbles (Peloticas)

22 октября 2014 | DROIDOFF


Small Marbles (Peloticas) - проверьте свои навыки, чтобы провести маленький шарик к финишной точке с помощью акселерометра.

Small Marbles is an exciting journey through 32 levels filled with traps and puzzles that will test your skill and intelligence in equal parts, the Wild West, the terrorific kingdom, deep jungles and ancient Egypt are scenarios where this tiny little ball rolled desperate not to die in the attempt to reach the end.

Test your skill to bring the little ball to the end using the accelerometer.

You do not control the ball directly, if not the platform where you are!

Please sign in, get points and compete to be number 1 in every level!

Get achievements for you!

Differences with the Free version:

+32 Playable levels;
+ Achievements and high scores;
+ No Advertising.

Android 2.3 и выше

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