Лого Storm Zone

Storm Zone

3 июля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Storm Zone - шутер от третьего лица с прекрасной графикой, напряжёнными перестрелками, кучей оружия и уникальных локаций. Футуристический стиль экипировки и привычные глазу ландшафты создают оригинальное смешение жанров. Многочисленные противники попытаются загнать вас в угол, но с помощью автомата вы с легкостью уничтожите любого врага.

Plunge into the deep abyss of the world of storm zone to experience arcade gaming with breath taking views and striking attention to detail. Equipped with an arsenal of hi-tech weapons, prepare to be teleported to another dimension of reality.
Storm zone will take you to the next helm of competitive gaming. As you walk through the walls looking for the opponent who is doomed, storm zone lets you strategize and execute the well-known first person arcade platform.
Your endeavors are recorded for you to marvel at your skills! Add a video note after an exceptional feat with a live commentary. Share the video on your friend’s wall and see if they can match your skills. After all what is gaming without a bit of competition.


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Stunning maps with explicit attention to detail over 4 completely different arenas.
Fast paced game play with realistic death matches and ever-evolving enemy.
Outstanding graphics quality.

An arsenal of weapons ranging from Classic to Sci-Fi to battle the ever-evolving enemy.
Smooth and hassle free interface with easy upgrades.

Give a video commentary on your moves and share it on your friend’s wall.

Full game support for scoreboards and achievements

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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