Лого Student Riot - Drunk Class

Student Riot - Drunk Class

8 ноября 2013 | DROIDOFF


Бросаем коктель молотова в противников.

★ Choose from 9 cool funny characters, from hippies to nude protester choose your favorite one.
★ Avoid police officer by throwing objects at the or jump over them.
★ Endless runner game with intense action
★ Random gameplay assure a new experience each time.

How to Play:

- Use the left side of the screen to jump.
- Tap the right side to throw object.
- Collect red square to grow your manifestation.

The taxes as been raised, the waiting rooms of hospital are full, scholar fees has triple, the people can't take it anymore. They have decided to stop being oppressed and start manifesting for what they believe are right !

You'll try every tricks in the book, start with peaceful manifestation, throw some love at the law enforcers, if this don't work try to manifest nude, maybe you'll draw more media attention this way ! If all else fails, bring in the heavy artillery, use mascots, hardcore manifestant and even try to have a politician to join your cause, it's always good for their image.
Either way just fight for your rights, make your voice heard and go through the entire city, the longer the distance you travel the more the people will join your cause !

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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