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Sword & Dragon

13 июля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Sword & Dragon - стратегическая логическая игра в духе цумэ-сёги. Проверьте свои умения в 100 увлекательных уровнях.

Sword & Dragon is a strategic puzzle game inspired by the fascinating world of tsumeshogi (Japanese chess mating puzzles). Pit your skills against 100 challenging levels, each with its own mission, swiping the screen in four directions to slash and slay dragons, protect hearts from dragons, and collect gold and gems.


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There are 100 levels in total.

Swords can attack dragons and collect gold and gems.
Swords can also attack the (stationary) fortresses, which act as obstacles.

Dragons attack hearts (lives).
The Boss Dragon can attack hearts in four directions, up, down, left, and right.

At the Desert Stage, the number of moves is limited for each level.

At the Glacier Stage, the Ice Dragon appears and attacks your swords.
Collect the Fire Skill with your sword to melt the Ice Dragon.

At the Volcano Stage, the Fire Dragon attacks your swords.
Collect the Water Skill to extinguish the Fire Dragon.

At the Castle Stage, the Metal Dragon attacks your swords.
Collect the Diamond Skill to grind down the Metal Dragon.

At the Dragon Room Stage, the Gold Dragon attacks your swords.
Collect the Gold Skill to defeat the dragon pound for pound.

Combo Skills:
Swipe three swords in succession to attack dragons above, below, and to the left and the right
Swipe four swords in succession to attack all of the dragons in the arena
Battle your friends by sharing your score for each level on Game Center

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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