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7 марта 2015 | DROIDOFF


System.Stealth(); - хардкорная стелс-аркада на андроид.

System.Stealth(); is challenging single player game for android devices. You will have to sneak through the shadows and run from cover to cover. So rule number one: Do everything stealthy and sneaky! Pick perfect moment and sneak to another room. System.Stealth(); offers you a mix of old and new games with stealth mechanics with simple 2D graphics. Observe your enemies and watch their moves. System.Stealth(); uses advanced algorithms to show FOV of the enemies and compute AI behaviour, so you have to develop your own stealth play style. You are much smarter than some robots, aren't you? Replay levels and improve your time to be the best from the best. Use your sight to locate all the files. In System.Stealth(); it is all about perfect timing. Learn how to play and beat all 12 levels. System.Stealth(); uses Google Play Games Services to add even more features into this simple game.


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Android 2.3.3 и выше

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