Лого Tekken King Fighter 3D

Tekken King Fighter 3D

12 октября 2014 | AMEPOH


Being a professional fighter with lucha libre influences, Tekken King has many powerful throws at his disposal, and has a lot of strong fighter counterattacks. Tekken King is notable for his chains throws, he also utilizes duck throws, ground throws and air throws.
Play this game and fight your way to become the Tekken King of the arena.

The first King used to be a ruthless street brawling orphan fighter with no care in the world except fighting. In one of his fights, King was grievously wounded and collapsed in front of a monastery. The Marquez priests saved him from death. After recovering, King realized the error of his ways and resolved to start a new life. He became a Catholic priest and renounced his old fighting ways. He then became a man with a mission; he dreamed of building an orphanage for street children, hoping to save them from becoming the kind of person he used to be. Lacking the necessary funds to achieve his dream, King entered the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, in order to obtain them. He managed to get third place, winning enough prize money for the orphanage. He also met his rival, Armor King. After a child died in his care, King became depressed and, giving up his jaguar mask, returned to the street and became a raging alcoholic. He would have perished had he not been convinced by his old friend and rival, Armor King, to again wear the jaguar mask and join The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. King trained intensely and recovered from his alcoholism. He battled Armor King at the tournament and defeated Armor King, leaving a scar below Armor king's eye. After the tournament, King participated in both pro-wrestling and martial arts tournaments to win money for his orphanage. He also taught his fighting skills to the children under his care as a means of self-defense. Sometime later on, Ogre, the God of Fighting, was awakened from an ancient ruin in Mexico by Heihachi Mishima's Tekken Force. Ogre attacked several martial artists around the world, including King, who was killed afterwards.
The second King was a street urchin who was brought up in the first King's orphanage. Until the age of 24, this wrestler worked hard with King until one day, news broke of the first King's death at the hands of Ogre.[4] Seeing that the orphanage would crumble into ruin (the money gained from King's wrestling matches was the only funding received), this man donned the mask of King and imitated his style. Unfortunately, he had only seen King's wrestling moves as a child, and he lost every competition he entered. One day, however, another man with a mask visited the new King, introducing himself as an old friend. This man revealed himself to be Armor King, who was interested in finding out if the rumors of a new King were true. For four years, the two of them trained, and the new King learned quickly, maturing into a forceful wrestler with extreme power, known as King the Second.
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