Лого Tour de France 2014 - The Game

Tour de France 2014 - The Game

4 июля 2014 | DROIDOFF


Официальная игра Tour de France 2014 уже на андроид.

Tour de France 2014 is the official management and simulation cycling game on mobile. This year enjoy the completely new content with riders who adapt themselves according to their own styles, new steps like one on the cobblestones, new animations and features for even more realism! Pick up your team, ride through the 21 official stages and enjoy!

***** They rate Tour de France 2013 with 5 stars *****:

'I love this game - I love this game and it is very good if your a cycle fan and it includes all jerseys and time trials and all the teams it is awesome.' - Jose5497
'Great App - Great app that passes the time when you've got a hours to spare. Shouting at the screen like a proper DS barking orders out to get the Yellow jersey!' - TomLatimer170690
'Great! - Greatly engaging and entertaining; detailed yet easy to play. I highly recommend.' - RuridovanRepublic
'Excellent! - Very addictive, challenging and enjoyable. Great game!' - darren-vidler

The Tour de France 2014 is getting closer, and you feel your team of riders being nervous. They count on you for the upcoming races. You cheer on them for months, asking them to surpass themselves, to give the best out of them, to be a real team, to adapt themselves to any ordeal... You know the strengthes and the weaknesses of each one of them. You know the stages of this new edition by heart. And all this work isn't for nothing. You set objectives to yourself too, and the Yellow Jersey is objective number 1. Your name is at stake, you want that all the other managers know who you are. You want to impose your own style on the Tour de France 2014 and on cycling. Vous will reveal yoursleves during races. And for this you will manage your riders only like a passionnate manager knows how to do it.


- The Tour de France 2014 official mobile cycling game;
- The official 21 stages with the so famous cobblestone stage;
- The official team sizes and riders statistics;
- 5 rankings, as in the real Tour de France: Yellow Jersey, Green jersey, Red Polka Dot Jersey, Team Classification and now White Jersey;
- More than 110 riders with new moves;
- A brand new AI: challengers have a new neuronal network, their actions are based on their own style, their own previous actions made during stages. They adapt themselves to difficulties;
- Improved and more realistic graphics (cobblestones, balustrades...);
- New action wheel to plan your strategy during races;
- New team objectives to fulfill if you want to become a legendary manager;
- For the very first time, upgrade your bike in order to increase your winning chances.

Android 2.3 и выше

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