Лого Under the Sun - 4D puzzle game

Under the Sun - 4D puzzle game

1 апреля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Under the Sun - 4D puzzle game - необычная логическая игра на андроид.

Waste no time! Guide a stranded castaway through a series of desert island puzzles.

You must reach the camp fire before the sun sets. But with each step time moves forward and the world changes, making things difficult. Trees grow, bridges crumble, tortoises age, oceans rise; everything under the sun gets in your way!

Luckily, time can be reversed if you make a mistake. Take as much time as you need to solve this sailor’s timely puzzles!

• Four-dimensional puzzles where timing is everything;
• Reverse your steps if you make a mistake;
• Many obstacles along the way including tortoises, rocks, jellyfish, rising tides and more!
• 3D time-based sokoban;
• Over 50 puzzles to solve.

Android 2.3 и выше

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