Лого VULCAN 3055


3 января 2019 | DROIDOFF


VULCAN 3055 - 2D экшн в угрожающем фантастическом мире.

"Planet Vulcan," where machines continue to manufacture machines
The final test is starting now on the forbidden planet...

- "Axle of fate" system that results in a change in the game with each play!
- Art graphics with the characters and maps all hand drawn
- Nurture your account with surprise events, simple puzzles, and many skill items.
- Collect more than 100 types of unique collector's items.
- Get story cards and unearth the story of Planet Vulcan.

- Game Traits
- An action game with simple basic controls for immediate immersion in the game.
- Upon achieving the requirements, the "axle of fate" will rotate and decide on your next experience in the game.
- The game will unfold in a chain of more than more than 20 events, such as unique enemies, sub-characters, climate, geographical changes.
- If you run out of lives, it will be game over and you will lose your items and skills, but the item called "scylla plate" will not disappear, so it is possible to nurture your favorite character.

- Strategy Hints
- When the attack charge is full, your attack will penetrate the enemy. Try to defeat as many enemies as possible at one go.
- Destroy gold colored enemies and bases that appear occasionally. They will drop many items.
- Damage cut, charge strengthening, and knock back strengthening items will continue to be effective until you reach game over.
- Collect the "scylla plate" for unlocked characters to level up forever!
- If you collect items called "excavated toys," you will be able to gain various bonuses.


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Путь для кэша:

Android 4.1 и выше

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