Лого War Zone: World of Rivals

War Zone: World of Rivals

5 декабря 2014 | DROIDOFF


War Zone: World of Rivals - пост-апокалиптическая стратегия, события которой происходят в 2020 году.

Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic War Zone of the year 2020! Governments and cities have fallen as rivals compete for survival, power, and the ultimate domination in the chaotic new age.

War Zone: World of Rivals is a thrilling package of online war simulation and real-time battle strategy. Prepare yourself for stunning 3D graphics and engaging multiplayer real time strategy (MMO RTS/SLG). The war has already started, Commander. Join the fight for free.

In WZ - WoR: Establish your military base, ally to a powerful guild, build and lead an army of modern war machines and strategize your operations to crush rivals and dominate the world.

You’ll Never Fight Alone!

• Interact with online players from around world;
• Online wars in a massive real-time battlefield;
• Help your allies to develop faster and be helped;
• Reinforce and rally with allies to achieve victory.


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Establish Your Military Superpower!

• Evolve a thriving outpost into a military empire;
• Manage production to fuel your war machine;
• Lead your bureaucracy to define the world order;
• Forge guilds with strong allies to dominate world.

The War Never Ends!

• Build and train a range of modern war forces;
• Advance technologies to outpace your rivals;
• Deploy sharp battle tactics to crush the enemy;
• Utilize superior strategy to dominate opponents.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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