Лого World War 3

World War 3

30 сентября 2014 | DROIDOFF


World War 3 - новая стратегическая игра на андроид.

World War 3 : New World Order is a Turn-Based strategy game.

PLAY NOW! DISCOVER countries and continents!

Select the country to manage world domination, set your power levels, and join the BATTLE!

Compare military powers and set your military budget by altering economic power and energy source levels!

Do not ignore the impact of economic power!

Pay attention! The number of armed citizens increases along with your military budget level!

Birth rate will vary depending on your increase or decrease in military budget.

Realistic population decrease will occur over years.

Don't Forget! The nationalism percentage of the people can make you the President of the world!


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- Unique turn-based strategy gameplay;
- 168 Countries and 12 Power Levels;
- 2 Battle Modes;
- 12 AirCrafts;
- Realistic Artificial Intelligence.

Android 4.0 и выше

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