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Zenonia Online

7 апреля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Zenonia Online - онлайн экшн-РПГ на андроид.

Alive Action RPG Zenonia online for Kakao.

[X Zenonia Online]
South Korea 10 million, 40 million users worldwide recognized global representation RPG Zenonia is back online.
The strongest hero in Series 5 are met causal Fairy start a new history!

[X Full Action Network
1 1 PvP Battle Royale with melee type and content to the network dungeons!
Full control of your network with this extreme pleasure to be completed to meet the action!
Enjoy a different scale live action!

[Life x real time;
War also enjoy meeting also live Zenonia Life ~
Iris of the meeting in the square from live chat fishing, petty trading to full enjoyment ~
Meet with friends in a variety of cocoa more easy and convenient!

[Fairy x combat pet]
Efficiency soaring into eternal companion Fairy and the new combat pet combat partner!
Complete the item as your own hero costume with the evolution of the reinforced composite!

[Story Mode x automatic battle;
Automatic battle to win anyone to enjoy the pleasure of casually!
Take a trip to an exciting adventure with a fairy tale to tell!

Android 2.3 и выше

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