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Override DNS

2 декабря 2014 | AMEPOH


The app works, but there are some rough edges I'm working on (mainly related to multiple connections: VPN, switching from mobile to Wi-Fi and vice-versa, hotspot etc.).
The thing is that Android Lollipop sources has been released on the 4th of November. SuperSU and root for many Nexus devices it's not so older, so I had a small amount of time to study what's changed. I think I found the solution for Lollipop, too, but I need some feedback from my beta testers before I can call it 100% functional. If you are not patient, give it a try and if it fails, ask for a refund directly on the Play Store, but please write me an e-mail, we could find a solution together.

With this software you can
Bypass internet censorship when based upon DNS blocking.
Overcome an Android limitation: there's no system setting to change mobile DNS.
Speed up internet connection. You can find many articles on the web which show various benchmarks of Domain Name Servers performances and how they affect your navigation (your mileage may vary).
Keep in sync mobile and Wi-Fi DNS in fact from v1.2.0 the app can handle Wi-Fi connections, too.

• Automatic DNS change when a mobile connection gets activated (can be disabled).
• Automatic DNS change when a Wi-Fi connection gets activated (can be disabled).
• Wi-Fi filter based on SSID, so you can automatically apply DNS only to
certain connections (can be disabled).
• Custom DNS values.
• Almost zero memory and CPU usage, because it's not a service.
• Notifications let you know that the app is working (can be disabled).
• Automatic DNS flush without need to restart the device.
• DashClock integration, to keep an eye on the DNS in use.
• It comes prepacked with the most common DNS services.
• Simple and clean interface, Holo styled.
• Ad free.
• Works on Lollipop, KitKat and Jelly Bean.

More to come (in the next versions)
• change DNS for Ethernet connections, too.

Android 4.3 и выше

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