Лого Angry Ragdolls: City Bullseye

Angry Ragdolls: City Bullseye

9 ноября 2014 | AMEPOH


Get ready for an exhilarating ride! Three targets have been set up in the city and it is your job to hit the bullseye by launching your whacky ragdoll from your moving truck. If this sounds crazy, you are right, this is the weirdest game for mobile!

Rev your engine, speed up the ramp and launch your crash test dummy at just the right time to hit the target. Carefully judge your speed and direction when driving up the ramp and find the sweet spot for the perfect cannon shot. Your puppet will fly through the air and if you are lucky it will find its target. Do you have the rage and skills to successfully launch the doll?

Your crash test dummy uses real-world physics. The rag-doll tumbles when it flies through the sky. The momentum it gains when launched is true to life and you will get a very satisfactory feeling if a bullseye is successfully hit.

Control your raging machine by simply tapping the directional buttons on the screen. Thunder up the ramp by pressing the accelerator button and dismount your crash test dummy by hitting the eject button.

+ Become a star and hit all targets with your rag doll
+ Hit all the targets and improve your score
+ Use your truck to launch your puppet
+ True to life physics engine
+ Crazy arcade gameplay
+ beautiful crisp HD graphics
+ Built with Unity 3D

The first crash test dummies may have been the best, most responsive, most lifelike dummies in history — because they were actual people. Colonel Stapp, an Air Force flight surgeon in the 1950s, noticed that more fighter pilots were dying in car crashes than in plane crashes. So what did he do? He began a crash test study program, of course. To test the efficacy of seat belts, he put dummies into salvage cars and crashed them into wood or concrete barriers (sound familiar?). Humans also volunteered for these tests, withstanding up to 28 Gs (28 times the pull of gravity) or 4,800 pounds of force.

From his findings with real humans and real dummies, Stapp recommended several innovative features in car safety: doors with safety locks (so they wouldn’t fly open in a crash), improved bumper design, and dashboards with energy-absorbing padding. While his insight was crucial to developing safety tests and procedures for the automotive industry, having human volunteers proved unfeasible, so they switched to the inanimate crash test dummies still in use today.

The first dummy, Sierra Sam was used by the Air Force, where he had the lucky job of testing ejection seats. Good ole Sam may not have been testing car crashes, but he was certainly a big step in the right direction.

Built by GM in 1971 as a compromise between 2 dummy models that didn’t quite make the grade — one from Alderson Research Laboratories and the other from Sierra Engineering (of Sierra Sam fame) — Hybrid I was the first in a series of modern crash test dummies. It proved to be durable and more capable of producing standardized results, but it still lacked the sophistication of modern dummies and couldn’t completely replicate how real humans are affected in a crash.

The most popular dummy model currently used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in frontal crashes is the HYBRID III, a direct descendant of Hybrid I. Originally built in the 1970s, the Hybrid III is 5’9” and 173 pounds (about the size of the average adult male).

But there’s nothing average about this dummy. His upper torso has 6 high-strength steel ribs that can simulate human chest deflection (think of it as bones breaking). His lower torso has a rubber lumbar spine that curves just like ours when we sit.

Android 2.3 и выше

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