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14 декабря 2015 | DROIDOFF


Blobbers - приключенческая игра на андроид, описывающая красивую историю любви в подводной среде.

Blobbers is a love story in an underwater flow adventure. A game where size matters! A jump and swipe game, where you can multiply into many small blobs kids by kissing female blobs. Be aware! If the female blobs are bigger than you, they will eat you!

Blobbers is a casual game for children and adults in all ages.

Key features:
- Experience insane jumping flow!
- Take control of more blobs!
- Kiss bigger and more dangerous female blobs to get new abilities!
- Split your cluster of blobs to make it through narrow paths!
- Appealing underwater world, wacky cute blobs and joyful music!


Ссылка на видео Blobbers


Deep down on the bottom of the dark blue sea, a little blob lives in a dirty bottle. It gets lonesome down there and every night the little blob unfolds a book with a big red heart on it. When he looks at the heart tears fall from his eyes. One day he decides pursue his one wish: To find a beautiful female blob, kiss her and make a lot of blob kids!

You move your blob by swiping him. He can stick to seaweed and sea anemones, and be carried up by water currents from air-blowing corals. You must be careful! Pointy urchins can kill you as well as hostile female blobs. You have the ability to multiply and spawn new offsprings. If you are smaller, the female blobs will attack you and try to eat a few of your blobs.

Android 4.0 и выше

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