Лого Fanuts Fantasy Football

Fanuts Fantasy Football

22 февраля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Fanuts Fantasy Football - сокрушите соперника на поле самыми забавными и коварными методами.

At last! Your team has won the WorldCup and attained the Champions title!
However, the elation is short-lived. Foul villain known as Necromancer steals the Cup and teleports you to the unknown island. Now your team must learn to play dirty, find the Necromancer and get your Cup AND your glory back.

FANUTS is an unusual football game, where dirty tricks and cheating are all encouraged. Train your team, build guns and helpful Gizmo-guns to match against those that don’t accept the fair play - villains, skeletons, pirates, robots and other fairy-tale scum.

FANUTS changes the game rules for football manager games out there:

Your very own football island with all necessary comforts - You got it.
Ball guns, Sleep Inductors, Goal blocker Gizmos and more - In Stock.

FANUTS is a football manager where you can influence the match with special devices called Gizmo or Gizmo guns. You gather parts and energy to help your guys get a hold of victory and move further in your adventures. You also upgrade your football island to open new facilities that give you the edge over opponents and help snatch back the WorldCup.


Football island - This is the home of your team, where you build and upgrade in order to give your men best training and Gizmos possible. And also to venture forth to the top charts and new opponents.

Gizmo guns - In any given fair play, the one who cheats more wins. And this is where the big guns come to rescue. Collect gizmo parts, build and upgrade Gizmos to back up your team where it counts. Proper Gizmos, loaded and upgraded, allow the guys run, kick and score like hell, so never underestimate their power.

WorldCup - To get that precious Cup back, you have to win most treacherous opponents, and prove that you’re worthy enough to even face them.

So what are we waiting for? Join the game and start the carnage!

Android 2.3 и выше

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