Лого The Lost Diamonds

The Lost Diamonds

5 октября 2014 | DROIDOFF


The Lost Diamonds - интерактивная приключенческая игра на андроид.

Welcome to The Lost Diamonds, a real world puzzler, soaked with intrigue and adventure, inside a beautifully photographed 3D environment.

- TLD is an exciting first person point and click adventure, using modern touch screen controls.
- Over 18 months full time development, with 2,700 media files captured for scene selection.
- We’re sure you’ve seen nothing like this on the play store before!

- 7 huge levels of real world puzzles to solve, that actually make sense.
- Autosaves your progress, ensuring many hours of enjoyment.
- Intelligent hint system, on a timer. Should you get stuck, hints are only a tap away, to get you back on track..
- Over 80 high quality locations. Most are fully interactive 360 degree panoramic areas.
- Stunning retina graphics, natural sounds and professional music, will totally immerse you into this world.
- This game will surprise you with several full on action levels, and mini games.
- Dummy spit bypass option, if a particular mini games is not your cup of tea, so any level of adventurer can succeed.


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You are intrepid adventurer, Jamie Blonde.
Recently, you came into possession of a partial map, that leads to the Giant Diamonds of Yalwal.
Legend has it, that the Yalwal diamonds are so large that one diamond alone would settle your tab, down at the local!
Unable to resist the temptation of wealth beyond compare, you head off on the adventure of a lifetime.
Ironically, after a couple of hours, things turn sour, and you find yourself clutching onto life by a thread.

Do you have what it takes, to find The Lost Diamonds?

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Android 4.0 и выше

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