Лого Super Fruit Slice

Super Fruit Slice

3 августа 2014 | AMEPOH


Super Fruit Slice - это полностью беплатная игра на андроид по нарезке фруктов.

Super Fruit Slice is cut off the main content on the screen constantly out of various fruits, requiring players to action faster, the game screen do very delicate, cut different fruits, will be open to see different colors of bright flesh, and doing realistic, you can see the stone, flesh texture. Various colors of fruit juice splash into the air, or splash into the wall, bringing exciting perspectives for the players to experience. If you like Fruit Ninja (Fruit Ninja), Cut Fruit (Cut Fruit) etc. Fruit game, you must not miss this game's classic masterpiece --- Super Fruit Slice ! Come and try play!


- Applications is small, with a high game quality;
- Variety of game modes;
- Realistic three-dimensional model with amazing physical;
- Sound effect is very good.

Android 2.3 и выше

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