Лого VR Party Game (Cardboard)

VR Party Game (Cardboard)

17 августа 2016 | DROIDOFF


VR Party Game (Cardboard) - игра на андроид, которая с помощью камеры изменит ваше видение мира, хорошо подходит для вечеринок. Одно из самых забавных приложений для VR-устройств.

This is one of the most funniest VR Cardboard app. The app turns your VR cardboard or any VR-goggles into a mind twisting party game that your friends will love!

It is a simple, easy to use and a genial app that makes a single cardboard incredibly fun for everyone at your party. Put the cardboard or any VR-goggles on your friends and ask them to do the simplest task, they will stumble around, walk the opposite direction and totally fail to navigate while everyone around will have a fun time.
With two or more Cardboards, you can arrange a competition.

This app use the front camera to mess up your normal view with:
1. Mirror view
2. Turn back time with 0.5s, 1s, 1,5s or even 2 seconds (Delay view)
3. Upside down view

If you think this sound easy? THEN THINK AGAIN. Your brain will have a hard time trying to find out what just happened.

Put the cardboard on a friend and choose between these three crazy experiences that will make the brain struggle to find out what the h*** is going on. This is a funny party game that everyone will love and they will laugh on the behalf of the user.

Compatible with Google Cardboard, Fibrum, Homido, Durovis,View Master, Archos, Lakento, and any others Google Cardboard like headsets.


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Android 4.4 и выше

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